Fun fact, prior to the September 11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, the vast majority of the (then tiny) Muslim American population were Republicans. In fact, nearly 80% of Muslim Americans voted for Bush in the infamous 2000 elections. By 2004, this number had been sharply halved, with most Muslims siding with Kerry. Support for Democrats only increased in 2008, which pitted the charismatic, black, Indonesian-raised Obama against John McCain and his infamously volatile running mate, Sarah Palin. Muslims have stuck firmly with the Democratic Party ever since, readily adopting many liberal positions (such as support for gay marriage, abortion, and feminism), whilst Democrats have returned the favor by loudly proclaiming their love for the Muslim community, visiting mosques, holding lavish iftars, and promising to do their best confronting the rapid growth of Islamophobia. Gullible Muslims have bought into their charade wholeheartedly, with literally millions turning in to the polls last week to vote for the Israel-loving, drone-supporting, occupation-promoting Hillary Clinton, too entranced by her rhetoric to find any contradiction with their Islamic ideals in doing so.

The fact of the matter is, the American Left is incredibly intolerant towards Islam and Muslims, far more so than the American Right. The much touted ‘diversity’ of the Left is (literally) only skin-deep, extending only to racial minorities–  provided they submit themselves to progressive ideology. If they do not, they risk invoking the unmitigated wrath of the Left. Because the Left simply cannot afford to allow any dissent that would otherwise challenge their ideals. Because they know that if this happened, their flimsy dogma would collapse in on itself faster than a house of cards. Throughout history, Islam has been the one creed that has refused to break under the invading colonialist forces of the West. While Paganism, Judaism, and the Eastern mysticisms all fell to the intruding forces, Islam remained upright. Liberals know this, and so, they have taken to a new approach: By greeting Muslims with a friendly face, and putting on a facade of tolerance, they can convince Muslims to slowly give up their religious convictions and accept Western ideals. This tactic has worked disturbingly well. Muslims across the West have readily accepted many Western lifestyles antithetical to Islam with no end in sight. The situation is truly dire.

The solution here is clear: Muslim Americans must reject the entire Left/Right dichotomy that the West presents for us and advocate for the real, divinely mandated goal: the reestablishment of the great khilafah, one spanning the entire Muslim world, and governed by true Islamic principles.

Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them khilafah (succession) upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that – then those are the defiantly disobedient. (Quran 24:55)