On my first article for this website, I wrote about the growth of white nationalist organisations in recent times, and how such thinking has been the norm, not the exception for the majority of Western history. Nevertheless, this still does not explain why we are experiencing such a massive increase in the number of these institutions today. The common answer being espoused by the left-wing media is that they have formed as a knee-jerk reaction to the multiculturalism and diversity promoted by the left, which has alienated the older, white population. Thus, the left safely pigeonholes all who disagree with their enlightened ideology as ignorant reactionaries, too dim-witted to know progress when they see it.

To be clear, this article is not meant to defend white nationalists, a truly repugnant and loathsome people. Rather, it is meant to show how white nationalism, neo-Nazism, and modern fascism are all just offshoots of certain leftist principles, in particular, identity politics. Now, when I use the term ‘identity politics’, I am not referring to the general, classical definition of the term, in which members of a particular community band together to achieve their own interests, something I wholeheartedly support, but rather, the modern characterization, in which one’s racial and/or sexual identity becomes the driving force behind their entire lives.

It is this relentless fixation on ‘identity’ that has given birth to the new white supremacy movement: After all, if we are told to embrace all aspects of our ‘identity’, why shouldn’t white bigots embrace their hatred for other races? This obsession with such an undefinable concept such as ‘identity’ has even infiltrated the Muslim community, with Muslims priding themselves not on their Islam, but on their vague classification as ‘Muslim’, as if it were a racial group. This has enabled Muslims to support ideologies and practices directly antithetical to Islam, such as LGBT rights and Zionism, under the veneer of “standing up for fellow minorities”. The fact is, Islam is more than an ‘identity’, it is a comprehensive way of life (deen). Islam teaches us that different races, cultures, and languages are all just one of many of God’s signs (Quran 30:22), yet ultimately insignificant when it comes to the purpose of humanity, which is to worship of the Creator. This is not to say that such differences are irrelevant, or should be suppressed, but that they are fundamentally unimportant in the grand scheme of our lives and our collective purpose.

I am dark-skinned, was born and raised in the US, am of Arab descent, and am a heterosexual male, but if you asked me who I ‘identified’ as, I would answer with one word– Muslim. Muslims across the West need to stop buying in to the modern characterization of identity politics, and its associated anti-Islamic ideas, such as “non-binary gender” or “sexual diversity”. Instead, I propose a return to the classical understanding of identity politics, in which Muslims join together to achieve key Islamic aims.

For decades, European colonizers and imperialists have wrecked havoc across the Islamic world, through a frighteningly effective process of ‘divide-and-conquer’, in which the Caliphate was abolished, individual Muslim nation-states were set against each other, and Muslims worldwide were anesthetized from any knowledge of the Shariah. As a result, petty nationalism has ran wild amongst the Muslim world. The latest adoption of liberal identity politics, and the treatment of Islam as a racial grouping by Western Muslims is merely one facet of this larger problem.

“The Unbelievers are the allies and protectors of each other. Unless you do this [protect each other], there will be tumult and oppression on earth, and great corruption.” (Quran 8:73)